Voiceonics Ltd
TTS100 AAC device.
WaterproofHigh quality speechEasy to useIntended clinical useSpecification
Product description.
The TTS100 is an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device.
The TTS100 is portable and battery operated.
Male or Female speech can be selected. The spoken word is English.
There is a QWERTY Keyboard for text input, LCD display for visual confirmation of text input and loud speaker for speech output.
The keyboard has adjustable key-press sensitivity to help people with conditions such as hand tremor.
The device is re-charged via a supplied charger. One charge will give sufficient life for 3 days typical use.

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The device is water resistant and can be cleaned in soapy water. Further cleaning can be performed by soaking in the sterilizing agents of Milton Fluid or Ethanol (70%Bv).
The device has been made as easy to use as possible by the use of intuitive menus and a clear, easy to follow user guide.