Voiceonics Ltd
High quality speech.

Speech is provided by a high quality speech synthesiser. Male or Female speech can be selected and the spoken word is English.

Large internal memory (over 500,000 characters).

You can store your most commonly used phrases. The phase can be as long as you like, a single word, a single sentence or many paragraphs (useful for making notes).

Each phrase is identified by an abbreviation. The abbreviation can be one, two or three characters long. This makes it possible to have easy to remember anagrams for your phrase.

The following example phases are pre-programmed into the device;

CY                               “See you soon.”                             
WT                              “What time is it?     
CT                               “Would you like a cup of tea?”  
IOK                             “I’m fine, thank you.”    
H                                 “Hello”

Predictive Text.

The device has predictive text, this can be turned on or off to suit your preference. As you type, the device searches through its library of over two thousand possible words and predicts the word you want to say. It offers you the most likely word on the bottom line of the display. The word can be selected by pressing the “INS” (insert) key.

Click below to hear samples of the speech (Words by Edward Lear & Lewis Carroll);
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