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Handling Study.
The handling study was independently conducted by the Clinical Partner, the aim of the study was to check the devices suitability of use with patients with moderate to severe expressive communication disabilities and recommend any changes needed.
The Handling Study started on 1st May 2010 and ended September 2011.
The following summarizes the findings from the study;

3 patients from a long stay neurorehabilitation unit.

One had Aphasia, one had Parkinson’s disease and one patient was on a ventilator and unable to speak.

Direct quotes from the Clinical Partner:

"All three patients greatly enjoyed using the unit to help facilitate speech",

"The battery seemed to last for ages" and

"In Conclusion- I found this aid very useful in my tool bag of assessment equipment. It was light and portable and gave immediate access to an electronic alphabet chart with numbers".

1 patient from a specialist hospital, Direct quote from the Occupational Therapist:

"Having used the TTS100, I found it a particularly beneficial communication aid. It was not only very suitable for the patient using it due to the large, easily legible lettering and its simplicity of use. This was due to its washable surface and the reassurance that the patient was confident using it due to its practicality".

5 patients with differing conditions, severe motor speech disorder, long term ventilation patients, patient with severe receptive language problems in the absence of a peripheral hearing loss but who could read written information and understand it. 

Direct quote from the Clinical Partner:

"The aid was invaluable as a basic assessment equipment - its main benefit being that it could be easily cleaned, simple to use. It's also portable and easy to charge. Predictive text would be very useful"

The study was essential in validating the devices suitability, the device was well liked by the patients that used it and also by the experienced therapists that introduced it to their patients. At the start of the handling study the device did not have the predictive text, as a recommendation of the study predictive text was added. This has been a valuable addition to the device.
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