Voiceonics Ltd
Handling studyLoan request
The TTS100 may be borrowed free of charge for a five day evaluation within the UK. If you would like a loan device; please carefully read the terms and conditions below before applying.

1. The Owner shall loan one TTS100 Communication Aid, one carry case and one user guide (the “Equipment”) to the Borrower subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement for the purpose of evaluation by the Borrower.

2. The charger is not included. The TTS100 Communication Aid will be supplied fully charged, sufficient for around five day’s use.

3. The period of the loan is five days (excluding bank holidays and weekends) and starts the day after delivery of the  Equipment to the Borrower.

There is no charge for the loan, providing the Equipment is returned after the five day loan period. If the device is not  returned after the five day loan period, a charge of £50 per week will be made. For the avoidance of doubt, a reasonable period will be allowed for the return carriage of the Equipment by Royal Mail, after which the charge will be applied from the next Monday following the end of the five day loan period plus carriage.

4. The Equipment will be delivered and returned free of charge. A prepaid postage bag will be sent out with the Equipment for its return. To return the Equipment it must be taken to a Royal Mail post office the day immediately following the end of the five day loan period and the Borrower must ask the cashier to scan the barcode printed on the postage bag and keep the receipt provided by the Royal Mail. The receipt is the Borrower’s proof of postage and should be retained in the event that a charge is applied for late return or non-return of the Equipment.

5. The Equipment shall at all times remain the property of the Owner and the Borrower shall have no right, title or interest in or to the Equipment (save the right to possession and use of the Equipment subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement).

6. The risk of loss, theft, damage or destruction of the  Equipment shall pass to the Borrower on delivery of the Equipment. The Equipment shall remain at the sole risk of the Borrower during the five day loan period until such time as the Equipment is redelivered to a Royal Mail post office.


1. The Borrower shall during the term of this agreement:

(a) ensure that the Equipment is kept and operated in a suitable environment, used only for the purposes for which it is designed and operated in a proper manner in accordance with the user guide provided by the Owner;

(b) take such steps as may be necessary to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the Equipment is at all times safe and without risk to health when it is being used or cleaned by a person at work or at home;

(c) make no alteration to the Equipment and shall not remove any existing components from the Equipment;

(d) return the Equipment in the same condition that it was received;

(e) not part with control of, sell or offer for sale, underlet or lend the Equipment to any third party.

2. The Borrower will be responsible for any repair or replacement costs incurred due to any loss of or damage to the Equipment arising out of or in connection with any negligence, misuse, mishandling of the Equipment or otherwise caused by the Borrower during the loan period until it is delivered to the Royal Mail for return.