Voiceonics Ltd
Easy to use.

A keyboard is used for text input. For maximum simplicity each key performs only one function. To speak, just turn the device on, type your text and press the “ENT” key.

The text is displayed on a large and easy to read display.
Using functions.
The display has two lines, the top line shows the text to speak and the bottom line is reserved for battery status, characters and functions.

Functions such as the memories, settings and selecting numbers are easily accessed with the up/down key.

The following example illustrates the selection of a memory. One press of the up/down key gets to the functions, the cursor starts at the memory function m.
Press the up/down key once more to select the memory function. Then type in the abbreviation, for example “cy”. (cy is the abbreviation for See you soon).
And press “ENT to select it.
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